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Taking Action Beyond Thought. 

How We Can Help You

Own Your Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint’s importance is something to take seriously. As a business, start-up, non-profit or Church, making your intentions known online will be invaluable. We provide a comprehensive service to cater to those needs. 

Website Design

Why a Website?

Website helps you tell your story to your customer and helps you make realistic promises for what you offer.

Logo Design

Why a Logo?

Going forth without a logo decreases the value of your work and brand. Without one, your work is unidentifiable and easier for others to steal. Begin building your brand today with a new and fresh logo design. 

Graphic Design

Why Graphics?

Along with building your brand, proper representation for the public is paramount. Flyers, Social Media profile pictures and banners, logo animations, etc. are all great tools for you to leave a lasting impression for your events and services. 

Tech Seminars

Why Is It Important for Your Team to Be Trained?

Ever had an idea but didn’t know which direction you could go? Effective training of services can help. With 5+ years in the digital market, PTK can help you gather your thoughts to help you and your team execute your vision. Also, confidence knowing they can contribute to the work will do wonders for your vision. 

Saving You Time & Money!

Your Process
To Execute
Your Vision

With help from PTK, you get to do what you’ve always wanted to do: Accomplish Your goal. By simplifying your process to reach others and helping with your digital footprint, you can do what you know must be done with peace of mind.  


Our New Designs

Here are a few examples of the designs we’ve made for our customers. 

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Our Testimonials

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